Sunshine Coast Marathon 2023

Was great to join forces with the Ernies again for the Sunshine Coast Marathon event this morning.

The heat was extreme late in the morning so I truly felt sorry for the 5 hour marathoners with what they had to go through – hope everyone came through Ok.

Highest placed of our runners was Lynda Bateson with 30:48 for 2nd in the Over 60s 5k.

Daniel Casey showed good grit for 5th place in the Under 18 5k in 18:16. Daniel’s mum Melissa Harper was 16th in the Over 50s 5k in 32:14.

John Purcell was 16th in the Over 50s 5k in 29:27 while Ken Hastie did pretty well with 44:20 for 9th in the Over 50s 10k.

Andrei Wightman was very good with 1:32.19 for 14th in the Over 50s Half Marathon while John White paced the Marathon to record 3:13.50 to be 6th in the Over 45s.

Certainly this event is getting bigger all the time so well done to the organisers on their promotional efforts.