Life Members

The Ashgrove Rangers is built on the efforts of tireless volunteers, many of whom work long hours and behind the scenes to make sure the club runs like clockwork. We have a lot going on with training, events, competition, coordination and external partnerships and we are appreciative of everyone’s dedication and passion.

Life memberships are awarded to members who display meritorious service to the club for 10 years or more. Once nominated, they must be voted in by more than 2/3 majority at the AGM.

Since 1971 the club has had 16 Life Members. Their individual contributions can be tied to club milestones and they have collectively provided the backbone of contribution over the many years.

NameAwardedJoinedContribution to the Club and Sport
Joyce Petfield OAM19711962Club Secretary, QWAAA Vice President & Life Member, Ashgrove club women’s coach and manager, Life Member Athletics Australia
Ronald Petfield19781962Club President, Treasurer, QWAAA Life Member, QWAAA official
Neville Rule19751964Club President, Vice President, QA official
Ruby Hill19801964Club Secretary, Treasurer
Donald Stapleton19821962Club President, Club Captain, QA Life Member, QA official, Athletics Australia Platinum Services Award for 40 years service to the sport.
Graham Barralet19821965Club President, Secretary, Treasurer, Coach, Team Manager, QA Cross-country Coordinator and QA delegate
Richard (Dick) Dunstan19991974Club President, Vice President, Treasurer, Registration Officer, Coach, Team Manager, QA Cross-country Coordinator
John Purcell19991981Club Vice President, Coaching Director and Coach and QA delegate
Donald Wallace19991985Club Secretary, President, Team Manager, QA Life Member, QA Cross-country Coordinator
Anthony Gray19991987Club President and Team Manager
Kenneth Stacey20011987Club Secretary, Treasurer and Special Events Coordinator
Gordon Robertson20011991Club Grounds and Equipment Officer
Paul Circosta20121970Club Committee Member, QA Delegate, Coach
Tony Usher20221990Club Secretary, Special Event Support
Hubertien Wichers20222003Club President, Special Event Coordinator
Russell Adams20221999Club President, Team Manager (Relays), Special Events Coordinator, Special Event Support