Reflection on 60 Years

Here’s the scene today at Dorrington Park. Ashgrove – the club’s original training ground when it started in 1962 – on the last day of 2022, our 60th Anniversary year.

It was such a strong year all round with special mention having to go to the efforts of Paul Circosta and Graham Barralet in compiling the 60th Anniversary book and Gina de la Cruz in organising the 60th Anniversary Dinner.

The question arises – what was it in the early years that was different that allowed this club to survive so much longer than many others through so much change in the sport? What was so unique that it encouraged so many to steer their next generation to join as well or stay in it themselves for 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or even 60 years?

There will be differing views you can form based on the book but in my mind the primary factor was the down-to-earth, no-nonsense organisational skills of the late Joyce Petfield OAM ably supported by her husband Ron who was always able to balance the mood in a tough sport when it was needed with his endless stream of good-hearted quips. Their leadership created an environment that people were comfortable in, could relate to and wanted to remain a part of.

After a break in 2022 due to Covid, we will once again in March 2023 host the Petfielld Trophy Primary Schools Cross Country Challenge at Dorrington to encourage the next generation from the local area in the sport.

So whether you have helped out by being in the arena, attending Flying Fours or at parkruns, at training, attending the Dinner, helping us get better organised or just lightening the mood when it was needed, thanks for your support and hope you celebrate a Happy New Year with lots of good things to look forward to in 2023.

If anyone would still like to purchase a copy of the book it’s still available for $30 – just contact Ken Hastie or John Purcell or reply to this post and we will be in contact.