Track and Field Relays 2023

The State Relays concluded with whole-hearted efforts across our entire team often against some pretty tough competition.

Like all relay meets, there were plenty of narrow escapes, near misses, injuries and DQs which sometimes went our way and sometimes didn’t.

Whether we were up scooping the medals or getting towelled up like my 4 x 1500m Masters team did I thought our runners generally got an A for effort. Bottom line is the learnings from these is what makes us better athletes in the long run.

Here is our overall medal summary from the State Relays with a total of 19 medals.
Congratulations to all our athletes for the grit they showed and excellent commitment to their club and teammates.

Gold (3)

Under 20 Boys Long Jump: Ben Caughley, Aidan Dallinger, Connor Duggan
Under 18 Boys Shot: Jai Jarro, Lee Martin, Isaiah Burgess
Under 16 4 x 400m: Tate Van Camp, Perry Croft, Connor Campbell, Haiden Boyd

Silver (9)

Masters 60 plus Shot: Gary Morrisby, Dick Dunstan, Paul Circosta
Masters 50 plus Discus: Adrian Keen, John Purcell, Phil Lock
Masters 50 plus 4 x 800m: Ken Hastie, John Purcell, David Hughes, Mark Lepper
Open Discus: Carl Martin, Adrian Keen, Lee Martin
Open Shot: Adrian Keen, Connor Duggan, John Purcell
Under 18 4 x 200m: Joel Drew, Joe Jackson, Isaac Roach, Aidan Dallinger
Under 18 4 x 400m Aidan Dallinger,Isaac Roach, Joel Drew, Sonny Adam
Under 18 Long Jump: Cristian Kuenzel, Ben Caughley, Aidan Dallinger
Under 14 Long Jump: Sania Elisala, Hayden Lockhart, Charlie Campion

Bronze (7)

Under 16 Girls 4 x 800m: Kristina Kersten, Emilia Schulze, Eloise Cooper, Sarah Walters
Masters 50 Plus Shot: Adrian Keen, Andrew Duggan, Phil Lock
Masters 40 Plus Long Jump: Adrian Keen, Ken Hastie, John Purcell
Masters 40 Plus 4 x 1500m: Ken Hastie, John White, Mark Lepoer, Greg Webster
Under 20 4 x 100m: Daniel Drew, Lyndon Maynard, Sonny Adam, Isaac Ting
Under 16 4 x 200m: Sania Elisala, Harry Cootes, Connor Campbell, Isaac Ting
Under 16 Shot: Owen Hair, Jono Kirk, Cooper Lofts

Well done team, thanks for a great weekend – just need to believe that if we keep patient, committed and consistent then more rewards will come over time through the talent and know how that we already have at hand.