Committee Members

Executive Members

Dan Murray
Dick Dunstan
Vice President

Dick is a long term member of the Club and the Committee serving for an extended period as the Club’s Treasurer.

Dick enjoys distance running especially the Cross Country events and is well known as the Club’s bare foot runner.

Tony Usher

Tony is another of the Club’s long term members. He has been running since high school at age 13 so that makes 40 years of involvement in Athletics.
Tony runs mainly because he loves it and the exercise means that he doesn’t need to worry too much about what he eats. He doesn’t describe himself as a keen racer, the main reason is enjoyment and mental health, but he does try to complete about eight races a year.
He was a member of Ashgrove Rangers from 1989 until 1997 and then again from 2007 until current.
He was elected to the Committee in 2011.

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Ken Hastie

Ken’s involvement in athletics began when he was ten years old.

Track and field was his main sport through high school, and most school holidays were spent travelling to an athletics carnival somewhere in Queensland. Back then he competed in sprints, long and triple jump. The second phase of his athletics career started when he joined the Club at age thirty.

Ken’s not able to do sprints and jumps any more but he still enjoys competing in track, middle distance races and cross country events. Ken joined the committee in 2016 and is very much looking forward to helping out where he can.

General Members

John Purcell
Ken Stacey
Gina de la Cruz
Andrew Bray
Stacros Konstantinos