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Member Profile – Tony Usher

Tony Usher

Why do you run?

I started running in high school at 13 so that makes 40 years involvement in Athletics. I run mainly because I love running and exercising means I don’t have to worry about what I eat and I love the feeling you get after a run. I guess I can’t find a good reason to stop. If I happen to improve my times over a certain distance that is a bonus. My main reason for running is enjoyment and mental health.

Which events have you completed over the pas 12 months?

  • Park Runs
  • QA cross country events
  • QA Relay Championships
  • Gold Coast 10kms
  • Brisbane Running Festival 10kms
  • Bridge to Brissie 10kms

Do you have any upcoming events?

I don’t aim at particular events, just keep in good nick so that when I feel like having a race I’m able to.

What is your favourite event?

I don’t have a favourite event as I get very worked up before a race and prefer to enter right at the last minute to avoid the nerves – this is usually very expensive when it comes to big races like the Gold Coast, but it helps to control my nerves. My favourite place to run is Furusato Mura. A pretty little forest in Kawasaki city, Japan. It was the first place I ran in Japan and running there brings back lots of great memories.

What does your average training week look like?

I usually run 5 days a week:
Monday: speed session eg 8x 200m 3 – 4 km easy warm down
Tuesday: steady run 8 km
Wednesday: medium distance run over hills 10 – 12 km
Thursday: Day Off
Friday: easy 6km
Saturday: long run 15 – 17 km


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